Ask Kodiak Platform Update

tldr; We dealt. Action not required by Ask Kodiak customers. It is not required that customers modify products on Ask Kodiak unless they wish to take advantage of the new model as described here.

The following plan pertains to Ask Kodiak customers and describes how the conversion from the 2017 to 2022 NAICS editions was handled.

Executive Summary

Customer content, including products, rules, classification taxonomies, etc was converted from NAICS 2017 to NAICS 2022 automatically in November 2023. Conversion followed the conventions described below.

Product Appetite

If a NAICS group at any level in the hierarchy (2 digit sector through 6 digit national industry code) had all HD Codes selected in the 2017 edition, all HD children were selected in the 2022 edition.

As an example, if a product has indicated appetite for all of the HD codes for 2017 national industry 928110 National Security all 2022 edition HD codes, including the newly introduced Space Force will now be selected. Simply put, if everything was selected before, everything will still be selected after the conversion.

On the other hand, if a National-industry had been partially selected and appetite indicated affirmatively for only selected business descriptions within it previously, it will remain partially selected after the conversion. If one of the selected business descriptions has been impacted by an HD Code change it will be mapped to it's 2022 equivalent.

Custom Classification Taxonomies

Classification taxonomies mapped to 2017 HD Codes were updated to their direct 2022 equivalents as documented on this site.

Product Rules

If conditional rules had been created targeting either a) HD Codes or b) 2-6 Digit Groups which have been removed or modified between 2017 and 2022 editions the rule was updated with the 2022 equivalent value(s).

Classification Suggestions

The Ask Kodiak search index was updated to take advantage of new (and modified) HD descriptions as search suggestions. In fact, you can try it yourself using search in the header on this very page. Go ahead... try "pickle ball" or "axe throwing". Those are official HD codes now.

Spreadsheet Import

Spreadsheet import routines were updated to accept valid values from NAICS editions 2012-2022. User values in input CSV files are accepted and mapped to their 2022 counterparts on import.


The Ask Kodiak API was updated in late summer 2023 to support the 2022 NAICS edition. Method signatures did not change, and in fact the API continues to accept any valid NAICS identifier (2012-2022) as input and continues to respond by default in 2017 naics to preserve backwards compatibility for existing implementations.

Rather have the API respond in NAICS 2022? No problem, most requests support the naicsEdition parameter which will set the response values accordingly but the superset of valid group numbers and hashes will to include 2022. See the Ask Kodiak API documentation for full details on how to take advantage of NAICS 2022 — note in particular how naicsEdition can be used to support a variety of scenarios across many product-related interfaces.

If for any reason your implementation has cached HD codes (hashes) or 2-6 digit NAICS group numbers from our API and you desire to use 2022, those caches should be refreshed using the same API NAICS interface from which they were originally obtained using the aforementioned naicsEdition parameter. All valid values from any edition will continue to be accepted by the API and converted at runtime for processing to their 2022 equivalents as needed.

The Search Suggestions interface will be updated to optionally deliver 2022 hashes in its response. See the Suggest/Naics Codes API doc for more information on how get the latest hashes from this interface.