2017 Edition

national industry 928110

National Security


This industry comprises government establishments of the Armed Forces, including the National Guard, primarily engaged in national security and related activities.

The immediate parent of national industry 928110 is international industry 92811: National Security

Illustrative Examples

  • Air Force
  • Military police
  • Army
  • Military training schools (except military service academies)
  • Marine Corps
  • National Guard
  • Military courts
  • Navy

2017 NAICS Edition Cross References

  • Government establishments primarily engaged in--
  • Operating college level military service academies--are classified in Industry 611310, Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools; and
  • Regulating and administering water transportation, such as the U.S. Coast Guard and the Merchant Marine--are classified in Industry 926120, Regulation and Administration of Transportation Programs.


The NAICS editions in which this code was present are indicated below. In the event that a code was changed from the prior edition the equivalent value in that edition is provided for reference.

Edition Value
2002 928110 -
2007 928110 -
2012 928110 -
2017 928110 -

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Mappings

  1. 9711 - National Security

Insurance Industry Mappings

The US Property and Casualty Insurance Industry may use the following classification descriptions which might encompass national industry 928110, National Security:

  1. armory government owned
  2. aviation air traffic controller under contract with the faa
  3. f united state armed service risk
  4. national security
  5. national security and international affair
  6. public administration
  7. u armed service risk


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