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2017 Edition

national industry 452319

All Other General Merchandise Stores


This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in retailing new goods in general merchandise stores (except department stores, warehouse clubs, superstores, and supercenters). These establishments retail a general line of new merchandise, such as apparel, automotive parts, dry goods, hardware, housewares or home furnishings, and other lines in limited amounts, with none of the lines predominating.

The immediate parent of national industry 452319 is international industry 45231: General Merchandise Stores, including Warehouse Clubs and Supercenters

Illustrative Examples

  • Dollar stores
  • General merchandise catalog showrooms (except catalog mail-order)
  • General merchandise trading posts
  • General stores
  • Home and auto supply stores
  • Variety stores

2017 NAICS Edition Cross References

  • Retailing a general line of merchandise via electronic home shopping, mail-order, or direct sale-- are classified in Subsector 454, Nonstore Retailers;
  • Retailing automotive parts--are classified in Industry 441310, Automotive Parts and Accessories Stores;
  • Retailing a general line of new merchandise, known as department stores--are classified in Industry 452210, Department Stores;
  • Retailing a general line of merchandise in combination with a general line of perishable groceries, known as warehouse clubs, superstores, or supercenters--are classified in U.S. Industry 452311, Warehouse Clubs and Supercenters;
  • Retailing merchandise in catalog showrooms of mail-order houses--are classified in Industry 454110, Electronic Shopping and Mail-Order Houses;
  • Retailing a general line of new hardware items, known as hardware stores--are classified in Industry 444130, Hardware Stores;
  • Retailing a general line of new home repair and improvement materials and supplies, known as home centers--are classified in Industry 444110, Home Centers; and
  • Retailing used merchandise--are classified in Industry 453310, Used Merchandise Stores.


The NAICS editions in which this code was present are indicated below. In the event that a code was changed from the prior edition the equivalent value in that edition is provided for reference.

Edition Existed Equivalent Value
2002 452990
2007 452990
2012 452990
2017 452319
2022 455219

Insurance Industry Mappings

The US Property and Casualty Insurance Industry may use the following classification descriptions which might encompass national industry 452319, All Other General Merchandise Stores:

  1. all other general merchandise store
  2. army and navy store
  3. army and navy store not primarily clothing cgl
  4. army and navy store with gun or ammo sale
  5. automobile and home supply store
  6. catalog or premium coupon redemption store
  7. catalogue store retail
  8. clothing store retail or wholesale
  9. convenience store variety store tobacconist
  10. country general store population under 3 000
  11. department or discount store
  12. discount store five and dime store
  13. dollar store
  14. dollar store limited price range store
  15. dollar store retail
  16. dry good dealer retail
  17. five and ten cent
  18. five and ten cent store
  19. five and ten cent store retail
  20. general merchandise store
  21. general merchandise store including warehouse club and supercenter
  22. general store
  23. general store country no alcohol sale
  24. general store population 3 000
  25. limited price range store five and dime
  26. mercantile not otherwise classified
  27. mill supply dealer
  28. miscellaneous general merchandise store
  29. other general merchandise store
  30. retail store not otherwise classified
  31. retail trade
  32. store department retail discount
  33. store dollar or variety
  34. store five and ten cent
  35. store five and ten cent store
  36. store grocery and provision retail
  37. store other not otherwise classified
  38. store retail
  39. store retail not otherwise classified
  40. store retail not otherwise classified or bakery retail store sale or camera or photograph supply store retail or five and ten cent or floor covering retail or hat cleaning or laundry self service or luggage store retail or paint store retail or pet shop retail or shoe shining establishment or sporting good retail or tailor shop or wallpaper store retail or store pet and pet supply retail
  41. store retail store not otherwise classified including service of food not restaurant
  42. store retail store not otherwise classified no service of food
  43. tobacconist variety store convenience store
  44. variety store
  45. variety store discount house
  46. variety store discount store
  47. variety store excluding tobacconist
  48. variety store five and ten cent store
  49. variety store nfp
  50. variety store nonprofit
  51. variety store tobacconist convenience store
  52. warehouse club and supercenter


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