2017 Edition

National Industry 452319 Sub-Description:

Variety stores


Variety stores is one of 7 sub descriptions for NAICS National Industry 452319, All Other General Merchandise Stores.


The identifier for Variety stores is e5c4d2f8528ab680b139fd95e42302d3.

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The NAICS editions in which this code was present are indicated below. In the event that a code was changed from the prior edition the equivalent value in that edition is provided for reference.

Edition Existed Equivalent Value
2022 33d43656117611ad0cd2c2b77e3a44eb
2017 e5c4d2f8528ab680b139fd95e42302d3
2012 54a555571258df160555cec8d356dadf

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Mappings

  1. 5331 - Variety Stores

Insurance Industry Mappings

The US Property and Casualty Insurance Industry may use the following classification descriptions which might encompass 452319, Variety stores:

  1. all other general merchandise store
  2. convenience store variety store tobacconist
  3. discount store five and dime store
  4. dry good dealer retail
  5. general merchandise store
  6. general merchandise store including warehouse club and supercenter
  7. other general merchandise store
  8. retail trade
  9. store dollar or variety
  10. store grocery and provision retail
  11. store retail store not otherwise classified including service of food not restaurant
  12. tobacconist variety store convenience store
  13. variety store
  14. variety store discount house
  15. variety store discount store
  16. variety store excluding tobacconist
  17. variety store nfp
  18. variety store nonprofit
  19. variety store tobacconist convenience store
  20. warehouse club and supercenter