2017 Edition

National Industry 453998 Sub-Description:

Janitorial equipment and supplies stores


Janitorial equipment and supplies stores is one of 27 sub descriptions for NAICS National Industry 453998, All Other Miscellaneous Store Retailers (except Tobacco Stores).


The identifier for Janitorial equipment and supplies stores is 9e4c95901fbb9b52fb7997e98dce3908.

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The NAICS editions in which this code was present are indicated below. In the event that a code was changed from the prior edition the equivalent value in that edition is provided for reference.

Edition Existed Equivalent Value
2022 31c1d0b5118a518618b9599ad14955bf
2017 9e4c95901fbb9b52fb7997e98dce3908
2012 9e4c95901fbb9b52fb7997e98dce3908

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Mappings

Mappings are not available for this combination of NAICS code and edition.

Insurance Industry Mappings

The US Property and Casualty Insurance Industry may use the following classification descriptions which might encompass 453998, Janitorial equipment and supplies stores:

  1. all other miscellaneous store retailer
  2. all other miscellaneous store retailer except tobacco store
  3. commercial equipment fixture or supply store
  4. janitorial supply dealer and distributor
  5. janitorial supply dealer or distributor
  6. janitorial supply retail
  7. janitorial supply store
  8. miscellaneous store retailer
  9. other miscellaneous store retailer
  10. retail trade
  11. store no food or drink
  12. store no food or drink not otherwise classified nfp
  13. store not otherwise classified no food or drink
  14. store other not otherwise classified
  15. store retail store not otherwise classified including service of food not restaurant