2012 Edition

national industry 316992

Women's Handbag and Purse Manufacturing


This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing women's handbags and purses of any material (except precious metal).

The immediate parent of national industry 316992 is international industry 31699: Other Leather and Allied Product Manufacturing

2012 NAICS Edition Cross References

  • Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing precious metal handbags and purses are classified in Industry 339910, Jewelry and Silverware Manufacturing.


The NAICS editions in which this code was present are indicated below. In the event that a code was changed from the prior edition the equivalent value in that edition is provided for reference.

Edition Value
2002 316992 -
2007 316992 -
2012 316992 -
2017 316992 -

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Mappings

  1. 3171 - Women's Handbags and Purses

Insurance Industry Mappings

The US Property and Casualty Insurance Industry may use the following classification descriptions which might encompass national industry 316992, Women's Handbag and Purse Manufacturing:

  1. clothing manufacturing woman handbag and purse
  2. handbag and purse woman manufacturing
  3. handbag manufacturing from all material
  4. handbag purse tote bag manufacturing
  5. leather and allied product manufacturing
  6. leather good manufacturing not otherwise classified
  7. leather good manufacturing not otherwise classified see also glove hat shoe
  8. leather manufacturing excl footwear
  9. leather product manufacturing excl footwear
  10. manufacturing
  11. other leather and allied product manufacturing
  12. pocketbook manufacturing
  13. pocketbook manufacturing from all material
  14. pocketbook manufacturing lady
  15. purse handbag tote bag manufacturing
  16. purse manufacturing from all material
  17. tote bag handbag purse manufacturing
  18. woman handbag and purse
  19. woman handbag and purse manufacturing
  20. woman handbag or purse manufacturing


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